Automated analysis that can be applied at any scale

Monitoring of main bearings, gearbox, generator

Advisory generation that can be translated into field actions

Preventative component repair, reduction in downtime & costs



Protect your wind turbines from major component failure.

Unfortunately, experience has shown that components such as main bearings, gearbox bearings and gears and generator bearings may fail earlier than intended. Such failures can result in extremely high repair costs, complex warranty claim procedures and significant lost production. i4SEE HEAT™ monitors the temperature of critical components in your turbines and provides a warning as soon as early signs of failure are detected.

Regular turbine inspection followed by proactive repair or exchange reduces the risk of complete failure. However, such activities require careful coordination and place additional resource demands on already heavily loaded service teams. Remote monitoring using i4SEE Heat™ gives you additional peace of mind, ensuring that available information is being used to its maximum potential to protect your turbines.

i4SEE Heat™ uses standard 10-Minute SCADA logs to detect changes in the temperature of critical components with an extremely high degree of sensitivity. Using a fully automated analysis procedure, frequent checks in the operating temperature are made at various points in the wind turbine drive train. Component wear can be detected up to six months in advance, allowing you to proactively plan your response.

Our diagnostic engine provides a root cause analysis as well as clear recommendations, enabling efficient and effective troubleshooting. i4SEE Heat™ uses physics-based methods, resulting in transparent results that can be interpreted by data scientists and service technicians alike, encouraging a philosophy of open communication across your organisation.