Ensure valid results in critical monthly reporting

Increased accuracy of performance and health monitoring

Early warning of problems with data acquisition systems

Significant reduction in workload for data analysts



Data scientists spend more than 50% of their time cleaning data.

High quality data analytics requires high quality inputs. i4SEE DataCheck™ will provide you with regular health indices, confirming whether your data is suitable to be used for reporting and monitoring. This will allow your data analysts to produce yet more insights based on available data and reduce time lost with repetitive tasks.

Today most operators and owners of wind turbines are required to produce regular reports, both technical and financial. It is critical that the reported results are valid and accurate. With i4SEE DataCheck™ you can rest assured that the data has been quality approved using the latest statistical and machine learning techniques.

SCADA 10-Minute logs provide an excellent resource for wind turbine performance assessment and condition monitoring. However, poor quality input data will result in false alarms and incorrect diagnosis. I4SEE DataCheck™ ensures that all inputs used by such monitoring systems are thoroughly screened.

The i4SEE DataCheck™ App is completely automated and requires no configuration; simply subscribe to the App and immediately your system will be protected. Using augmented intelligence, domain expertise is combined with self-learning algorithms to recognise a range of issues such as data gaps, jumps, flatlines, implausible values and outliers.

i4SEE DataCheck™ provides results that will show at-a-glance whether any errors are hiding in your data. The i4SEE diagnostics engine provides a detailed description of any issues detected, as well as a recommended solution. For the data scientist wishing to investigate specific issues in more detail, an events log is generated including further details of the affected signals and the nature of the detected outlying behaviour.